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This is a blog for reviews of books. I review whatever I feel like, usually serious fiction, even classics and occasionally nonfiction. 


The essence of any publicity project is the pitch. Success rests on finding that persuasive angle and the timing of your information. I have also changed pitches midstream, if I found one that works better. Pitch letters are the short form of a project, as well as the "why" it should be taken seriously by media contacts. If a project is newsworthy, it's rarely discarded. A Q&A interview can be a lively way to present ideas and the personality you're asking contacts to consider. If written well, they are sometimes reprinted and show up in publications. They can also act as a way to coach an author. If you are an author, who needs help, I am available to consult on media stragegy, from effective press materials to how to strategize for both internet, social media, and traditional mainstream contacts.    

You may want to use the resources for media professionals at www.mediabistro.com

not another book review

www.eatyourserial.com is a site that publishes novels in serial. My book, The Anarchist's Girlfriend is on this site.

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