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I am a writer as well as a publicist. I believe in the free marketplace of ideas. I think books can be a powerful tool to influence the world and that if we "get the word out" we are also responsible for the ideas presented.

Business objective
My objective is to get useful and meaningful information out into the world and to make a living.

I am the sole employee of my business. Though I have employed outside clerical help, I do all consulting and strategy, the writing, pitching and follow-up work. Many publishers, to lower fees, have used their staffs for mailings. I have worked successfully with staffs and budgets of many different sizes on a huge variety of books. My priority is the best campaign possible, working to complement the in-house staff.   

Let's begin our discussion
Any pr work begins with a discussion of the project. Let me know about your project, what you would most like pr to do for you. Then we can talk about ways I can work to achieve your objectives. I can be contacted by phone at (212)645-4969.


Timing is key to any kind of campaign. Six months is useful, since some publications need that much lead time to pitch a story. Depending on it's complexity, a special event may even need a year.  My social media campaigns are about 3 months lead time, especially if I'm considering blog tours.

Writing Specialty
I am a working writer and have special skill in crafting press kits with strategic pitch letters, Q&A's that have run in feature sections of papers, press releases that well represent a book's content, and focussed bios. I have crafted OpEds/blogs with authors that have run in The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, Huffingon Post, CS Monitor and other outlets. I have also managed blogs and written material for sites. 

My business

I started to work for myself in 1980, because I wanted more control over my projects. Since then, I have worked not just with publishers, but with pr agencies, nonprofits on arts events, theater and visual arts, on complex political issues, corporate presentations, and internet ventures, such as an interactive tax product and an online guide to digital publishing. I am most interested in a variety of public relations work, on line and in mainstream media.  i

My office:
My office is at: 41 Union Square West, Ste. 919
                      New York City, NY 10003

Here is a picture of  the Union Square neighborhood, where I have my office.



Susan Weinstein Public Relations