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We offer public relations consulting, media campaigns, book publicity, and the writing of media kits, OpEds, short features.

Public Relations
Public relations work is time intensive, from formulating the media strategy, to the writing of kits, the customizing of lists, to follow-up by phone and e-mail. Because I am a one-person business, I determine fees based on time estimates. We also work with publishers on their budgets. Effective publicity is the goal, no matter what the budget limits. And I work with publishers to determine whether I am to do a social media campaign or one with traditional, depending on their staff preferences.
Proposals or price estimates on request.

Special Events
Special events can include press conferences, galas, launch parties, receptions, telecommunications conferences, awards ceremonies or any event calculated to attract media attention. They require months of planning, from the timing of the event and its content, to selecting the venue. Such events can be very effective as a fundraiser, to raise the profile of an organization, to call attentiont to a particular product or publication. They can also be effective to attain coverage for a political or social issue. I have run theater galas, bookstore panels, press receptions, awards ceremonies, telecommunications conferences, and simple parties. Purpose and advance planning are paramount to success.  
And to get press to a book event, means a campaign for the event, coordinating with the staff. I also do social media to create Buzz about thebook and the event.

I have worked in the field of public relations, specializing in book publicity for more than a decade. I design and orchestrate campaigns for a large variety of books. I am also available for writing assignments, from special press kits to short features, OpEds,interviews and speeches. I can originate material, or you can give me content and I will write it in whatever form you choose. I often craft Blogs/OpEds with authors that have been published on Forbes.com, Huffington Post, Washington Post, WSJ International and other outlets. And my social media campaigns have been highly effective in driving readers to book sites.

For every book there is an audience, but it may take some research and strategy to reach it. I customize my approach to every project, so the online and traditional media are complements.  Strategy is important, but I am careful to determine what projects are likely to be successful. So I do not take on every project. As the sole employee, I do all writing, pitching, consulting and implement the campaign. Extensive follow up means months of contact to obtain a placement.  A project must be one I feel can attract publicity with the right approach and that I feel comfortable pitching for the duration. The author must also feel comfortable with the approach. Success is based, not just on finding a newsworthy angle, but one that also represents the content of the work with integrity, and is likely to attract media attention.  

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